With this understanding, Refleks interprets strategies and creative perspectives of all brands that it provides service with a view catching up with the mood of the era.
If you see the signature of Refleks under an idea, it means a great effort has been shown to make that work unique. Because we think each customer deserves unique ideas.
Eliminating the pain of creating once and for all with its innovative and dynamic team, Refleks has an understanding of workshop fed by power of sincere relationships.

Strong reflexes
in communication...
Your reflexes must be strong and quick in a metabolism in which agenda of the world is changing rapidly. With this understanding, Refleks interprets strategies and creative perspectives of all brands that it provides service with a view catching up with the mood of the era.
We analyze the market in which our brands are operating in detail with all components. We value offering a subjective projection as well as special condition of our brand in order to foresee current status of the market, risks and potential market actions in short, middle and long term period and develop appropriate communication strategies.
Current position and existing mobility of the brand are important for us to determine communication and marketing strategies in short, middle and long terms. It is undoubted that brands have dreams just like humans. It should be. Our aim is to plot the route towards “dreams” of our brands with strategies updated and open to improvised solutions according to the status of the market.
As a result of assessment, market analysis and evaluations we made through all communication components; we decide to restructure or revise our brand and share this decision with our brand. We evaluate strategically and creatively how logo, corporate and visual identity serves for our brand to achieve its targets.
We manage creative process of our brand in line with the strategy we developed. It may be a good idea, but is it suitable for strategy? It may be suitable for strategy, but is it creative? With the awareness that need of each brand is different, we develop the identity of creative process - extraordinary or traditional or avant-garde - with an understanding suitable for DNA of each brand. Whatever character or need of our brand is, we always aim to perform creative and high-quality works with the philosophy of “is good is good enough?”.
With brand structuring, namely processes of evaluating and redesigning - if needed - “physical” identity of brand, it is considerably important for creating a holistic identity to revise character, attitude and tone of the brand; locate it on a position suitable for its vision. Developing a contemporary attitude without intervening DNA of the brand underlies this process.
We think that “flexibility” is important in all communication strategies we established and believe the power of developing quick and spontaneous solution. While communication process with brand is maintained, we think reflex to respond to possible changes in subjective conditions of the market immediately will carry the brand a step forward. We adopt developing up-to-date manoeuvres which do not intervene in identity and DNA of the brand instead of conservative attitudes and strategies.
We research feedbacks of brand communication works we have realized in detail. We assess both interviews with our brand, and reflection of our communication work on the market over an objective attitude over objective data. Results are very valuable data for us to measure the impact of our strategies and creative works and plan the next step.
The power of our reflexes
come from the quality of creative team.
Refleks is an establishment developed as a result of impression from academy of fine arts. That means an open buffet service environment instead of separation of cafeteria and kitchen. Meals are cooked and served right under your very nose.
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